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codek. is Manchester’s latest creative digital agency offering a range of effective marketing consultation services for new and existing business ventures. We call Manchester home, but we have the ability to deliver work for UK and global clients.

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There is much more to branding than a logo and a colour scheme. A strong brand identity reflects your businesses DNA and vision. Your brand will directly affect the way your customers perceive your value and thus their willingness to trade. A good brand experience can be the difference between business success and business failure.

During a branding consultation we blend your ideas with our expertise to create a complete branding package. Differentiation is our mutual goal.


Web design

A web presence is critical for any business competing in the current information era. A website not only provides 24/7 access to your potential clients but it also yields credibility to your business.

During a web consultation we will ascertain your requirements and leverage our extensive knowledge of web technology to deliver a unique impactful web presence. We offer package solutions that save you the headache of juggling email accounts, domains, hosting, backups and more so you can focus on the important issues. We also offer training so you can be autonomous and nimble in the future.

Not based in the UK? No problem! We provide data centers globally at low cost.


Print design

It’s no secret that classic printed media still holds its weight. Tangible physical assets are amongst the most powerful of marketing strategies available. The repeated exposure to your brand cements your business in the customers mind.

During a print consultation we will collaborate to determine the deliverables, and then work to realise the agreed specification. We can deliver the digital work or use our network of printing partners to provide physical copies ready for distribution. Flyers, posters, leaflets, T-Shirts, Pens; We deliver.



The Internet provides the platform to quickly sell your products and services all over the planet. However, having to deal with setup, payment processors, invoicing and hacker security can really stifle business growth and agility.

During an e-commerce consultion we work with you to determine a secure, cost-effective and scalable way to get your goods to your customers. We handle the boring bits for you, so you can focus on your next business venture!


Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is the key driver of new business. Your ranking in search engine results has a direct influence on the amount of new business generated online. Did you know most users will rarely click past the 3rd result?

During an SEO consultation we identify market segments and keywords that your business must target. We then work to optimise your web content and provide you with guidelines for future success.


Social Media

The average British consumer spends over a quarter of their time online browsing social media. Leveraged well, an effective social marketing strategy can give you the edge above your competition.

During a social consultation we consolidate existing social channels. We identify potential new channels and devise a strategy to provide punchy, uniform content across them.

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